Discover Three of the Best Gardens in the UK

The United Kingdom is world-renowned for its exquisite gardens. Today, we’re going to talk about three of the best gardens in the UK. Those who are planning trips to the UK will benefit from our list, as each garden we discuss can be visited by the public. However, even those who are unable to go to the UK right now (or in the future) will be able to find photographs of these stunning and serene gardens online.

Be sure to use these photographs as inspiration for your own garden, or simply relax for a bit while viewing images of tender blooms and lush greenery. Gardening is such a relaxing hobby and we recommend it if you have some outdoor space to “play with”.

The keepers of these gorgeous gardens strive for perfection and likely find the tasks associated with keeping their gardens beautiful to be very therapeutic.

Sissinghurst Kent is Quite Breathtaking

This garden has an interesting provenance. It was created by Sir Harold Nicholson and his spouse, Vita Sackville-West, in order to honour their marriage. Today, as in yesteryear, this garden excudes high elegance, as well as traditional, rustic English charm.

Known for its proliferation of white blooms, Sissinghurst Kent is definitely one of the best gardens in the UK. Since its creators both had same-sex affairs during the marriage, it’s also got an interesting and topical history. The white flowers may have been selected in order to honour a “marriage blanc” (white marriage). This is a marriage where the spouses are great friends but are not often intimate with one another.

Kew Gardens are Truly Unique

This London-based garden is known for its grand scale and exceptional design. This Royal Botanic Garden includes a wonderful canopy walkway which winds through the tops of the garden’s lovely trees. In fact, this new canopy walkway covers more than three hundred acres!

Other highlights of this esteemed UK garden include a gorgeous arboretum and zillions of colorful and healthy blooms. Exhibits are also found at this location, which is definitely well worth a visit.

Inverewe Ross-shire is a Scottish Paradise

The creator of this magnificent Scottish garden was Osgood MacKenzie. The garden began to grow during the middle of the nineteenth century and its appealing design continues to draw interest from all over the world. Mackenzie created a gentle environment for plants and flowers by growing a cluster of trees which blocked the harsh winds. These trees grew for ages before planting of plants and flowers began! If you want to see blue poppies, magnolias and more, you’ll find that this garden offers gorgeous examples, as well as a sense of meditative serenity.