The Reeves Landscape Company are known for offering an integrated garden design and construction service.

Can we just ask you to do the landscaping without the landscape design?

Yes, we are happy to install a landscape design provided by another designer, in fact many designers recommend us.

What do landscapers actually do?

Some landscapers offer landscape installations only. Others, often described as landscape designers, provide concepts and plans for someone else to complete.

However, at the Reeves Landscape Company, we offer both. We are skilled and experienced in laying the drainage, patios, decking, water-features and lighting for your landscaped garden project.

My wife likes decking but the deck we had installed at our old house was bouncy to walk on, it was like walking on a trampoline. Have things improved in installation techniques these days?

I don’t know how long ago you are referring to but it sounds like poor workmanship. Like most things in landscaping construction, techniques need to be sound underground to get a good result up top.

Sufficient soil needs to be removed, good strong pylons need to be installed deep into the ground to support a strong frame with cross-pieces called inter-noggins - these support the deck boards.

Does the Reeves Landscape Company offer planting as well as the construction work?

Yes - We are able to provide you with a detailed planting plan, source the plants, and plant them for you as well.

Are you qualified to install lighting and electrics?

Yes - A qualified electrical team will install all lighting and electrical components. We can also install security lighting. We issue a certificate after the landscape work has been completed.

Who oversees the landscapers in my garden while the landscape works are being undertaken?

Owner of Reeves Landscape Company, David Stevenson, personally oversees and checks all the landscape works carried out.

What if I don’t want a whole new garden landscaped, designed and installed – would the Reeves Landscape Company still be interested in the work?

As well as their integrated landscape service, the Reeves Landscape Company often take on one-off, stand-alone garden projects such as pergolas, water-features or patio and decking projects.

Do you provide references?

We supply you with the details of clients who say they are happy to be contacted; we also publish feedback from our landscaping customers.

If we are unsure of what we want our new landscape garden to look like, are you able to help?

We understand that it is difficult to visualise the way your garden will look when the landscaping is complete. To overcome this, we offer a no-cost first consultation. It is at this stage that we can offer free advice and thoughts on your garden design. We have more than 25 years’ experience helping clients achieve their dream landscape garden.

Typically how long does it take you to landscape a garden?

The timeframe is all dependent on the work to be carried out. At the Reeves Landscape Company we will give you a guide before we begin and you will receive daily updates on progress.

It is also important to remember that work in your garden is subject to whatever the British weather can throw at it, and accordingly there can be delays that are outside of our control.

How do we know that you are good landscapers?

Other than the longevity of our business, the recommendations from past clients and the pictures of our work – we are amongst a chosen few who are Recommended Installers for the Aggregates landscaping division called Bradstone. This involves us receiving constant assessment by one of the landscaping ‘giants’.

How much space do I need for a water feature?

This is dependent on what type of water feature you are considering, the style of the garden and the garden’s proportions.

If you want a small waterfall as part of a patio for example, then this will not add much to the total space needed, circa 10-15% extra. But if you want a floating patio with water all around it or a natural pond that will attract wildlife, then these do require a decently sized area to achieve the best results. We are happy to provide you with a free initial consultation.

The last landscaper we contracted laid a patio and 18 months later it started to sink. Why has this happened?

It is difficult to say without seeing the patio, but it sounds as though the landscaper didn’t dig down to a sufficient depth and put enough substrate into the ground to support your patio.

Often unscrupulous landscapers will cut corners to save time and money by not completing the preparatory work correctly. This nearly always causes problems later.

Needless to say, at the Reeves Landscape Company we do it right by digging to the correct depth for the soil type in your garden and making sure there is a solid base to build the patio on. About half of the cost of building your patio is underground! Additionally, we take the drainage of a patio very seriously - if the water can’t run away your patio structure may suffer.