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Over the past 27 years we have seen changes in the style and the way in which patios and decking have been used in landscape garden projects. However, one core principle remains true today as it did in the 1980’s: decking and patios have to be properly built to continue to give years of enjoyment to their users.

Today, many customers choose to build patios from natural materials, including:

  • Sandstone (both riven and polished)
  • Limestone (finished and unfinished)
  • Slate and granite – sets, slabs or blocks

The Reeves Landscaping Company has experience in delivering a range of traditional and contemporary garden patio styles, using a range of natural materials that include:

  • Large slabs
  • Small slabs
  • Block paving
  • Combination - a range of sizes and materials for a unique patio look

We have an experienced team of landscapers that fully understand the techniques to ensure these materials stay at their best in your garden patio for many years to come.

There are 3 key factors that we take into account when pricing and designing your patio.

1. Groundwork

When considering having a new patio laid in your garden, the first element to consider is the ground beneath. Any garden patio must sit on a firm and unyielding base.

This involves calculating the required depth to dig-out for the patio area. Afterwards a crushed material (called type 1 MOT) must be used to fill the void. This material is compressed and this is the base upon which a patio can now be built.

2. Drainage

In the UK, year after year we experience a considerable amount of rainfall. We will ensure that your patio is complete with the proper drainage to avoid and eradicate flooding.

3. Design

The design and fit of your patio needs to work in harmony with the rest of your garden. Many of us now like to have open aspects from our kitchens offering a seamless vista to our garden, often with the patio and the kitchen-diner linked. This inside/outside approach takes planning and experience to prevent damp and other potential damaging effects on the home.

The Reeves Landscape Company have designed and built patios, both large and small, on different levels and incorporating a large range of materials. Please take a little time to look at the examples we have on our website.


Just like constructing a patio, building a robust deck is reliant on foundations and craftsmanship. Here at the Reeves Landscape Company we take pride in the build quality of our decking. Whether you decide to have your decking constructed from hardwood, softwood or composite, the groundworks and framework of the deck have to be firm and built to last.

We dig out the soil to enable us to install foundations for the decking frame. We use crushed substrate and membrane to prevent the growth of weeds coming through your nice new decking after it is built. The decking frame is built from weather-protected 6x2 timbers, anchored into the ground by 100mm2 treated posts.

Finally, as you can see by the decking pictures on this site, our carpentry skills ensure you get a fantastic looking deck with proper mitred edges and skilfully finished deck joints.

We are also proud to say that we lead the way when it comes to combining decking and patios, decking stairs and steps, decking and lawn and lighting for decks.

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